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Melanie and Michelle met in college and instantly became friends. After living in the same freshman dorm, attending business classes together, and interning at the same company, Mel and Michelle became lifelong friends. 

The two realized they were both interested in learning more about their cycles and reproductive health. Together, they embarked on a journey to challenge the status quo, discover a deep appreciation for their body's natural cycle, and take ownership of their reproductive and holistic health.

Through their personal experiences, the journey of their friends, and early surveying, Melanie and Michelle became increasingly aware that the lack of knowledge in this space has caused women to take a backseat with their reproductive health and often choose methods to avoid pregnancy that are at odds with the female body’s natural tendencies.

Melanie and Michelle are determined to help give women their power back so they can more actively participate in their own health journey. The tools taught in The Natural Blueprint will empower women to be champions of their own wellbeing and choose contraceptive methods that align with their overall goals and work alongside their body’s natural processes.

Melanie and Michelle’s goal is to debunk reproductive myths to help women love and appreciate their bodies. Other verticals in the health and wellness space have gained more positive traction lately, yet there is still a major gap in the female reproductive space. Above all else, Melanie and Michelle want women to genuinely love and appreciate all that their bodies do, and to work alongside their bodies' natural blueprint to achieve their goals. 

**FYI! We are not medical professionals and are not licensed in teaching the sympto-thermal method. Please see the disclaimer on the 'Apply now' page for more information.

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Cofounder & Chief Fertility Officer

Melanie's favorite hobbies include eating, hanging with friends and family, and talking fertility with TNB pals!



Cofounder & Chief Ovulation Officer

Michelle is a registered dietitian. Michelle loves all things nutrition, hormones, and wellness. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and friends, try new restaurants, and travel.

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